Toronto Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck or other large vehicle, an experienced Toronto truck accident lawyer may be able to help you access financial compensation to cover expenses and finance your recovery.

Truck Accidents in Ontario

Motor vehicle accidents involving large vehicles are more likely to cause serious injuries than accidents involving smaller vehicles. Consider, for example, accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks, a term that refers to the vehicle proper, or 18-wheelers or tractor trailers, which refer to the combination of a semi-truck and its trailer. These accidents share common causes with small-vehicle crashes – intoxication, speeding, etc. – but are far more likely to implicate other vehicles and result in serious injuries or fatalities.

While accidents involving large commercial trucks are often the most serious, accidents involving smaller trucks can also be life changing. Some of the vehicles that truck accident lawyers are interested in include:

  • Semi-trucks and tractor trailers
  • Privately-owned or commercially operated pickup trucks
  • Small and mid-size commercial vehicles
  • Garbage trucks
  • Tractors
  • Tow trucks

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident involving one of these types of vehicles, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer today to learn how legal action can lead to compensation.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

A serious truck accident can lead to devastating injuries that upend a person’s life and, by extension, the lives of their family members. In Ontario, people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents are entitled to benefits through their insurance providers. However, the process of accessing those benefits is not always simple. In some cases, insurance providers refuse to offer reasonable benefits; in others, the benefits provided may not be sufficient to cover newfound medical, rehabilitation, and long-term care expenses.

When an insurance provider refuses deliver adequate accident benefits, an experienced Toronto truck accident lawyer can bring your case before a mediator or the courts. If your injury was caused by a liable party, and the accident benefits you have been provided fail to cover the cost of recovery, our team of personal injury lawyers may seek compensation for the following damages through a civil claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Cost of long-term care
  • Lost income and future earning potential
  • Lost income and future earning potential for family members
  • Pain and suffering
  • Pain and suffering of family members

Initiating a lawsuit can seem daunting in the face of a traumatic injury, but the potential rewards for pursuing legal action far outweigh the risks of facing a long recovery on your own. Contact an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer today to learn more.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Most truck accidents are caused by the same factors that cause small-vehicle crashes: intoxication, fatigue, distraction, speeding, dangerous driving, bad weather, poor road conditions, etc. However, there are certain risk factors commercial truck drivers must be aware of that drivers of family-sized vehicles do not need to understand.

Some common causes of commercial motor vehicle accidents include:

Poor vehicle maintenance: Commercial motor vehicles travel thousands of kilometres every week, which creates significant wear and tear. Truck operators must be aware of the condition of their vehicle and take steps to avoid risk factors like deteriorating brake pads, cracked windshields, or hitch issues.

Equipment failure: Sometimes, the failure of a piece of commercial vehicle equipment has nothing to do with the driver. Manufacturer errors can cause equipment failures that create devastating collisions on Ontario’s highways.

Cargo loading: Every commercial truck has a specific load limit. The limit may be identified in terms of weight, width, length, or height compared to the vehicle. When a commercial vehicle carries a load that is too large, the driver may have difficulty maintaining control of the vehicle.

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a serious truck accident in Ontario, contact a Toronto truck accident lawyer to learn how a lawsuit can help fund your recovery. Many Toronto truck accident lawyers offer free, no-obligation consultations where you can learn about your legal options and discuss strategy with an experienced professional. Many also offer service on a contingency basis, which means you will not be required to pay legal fees until your case has been resolved and your compensation delivered.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Toronto

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers’ team of Toronto truck accident lawyers has decades of experience in every variety of motor vehicle accident claim. Our experienced group will shoulder the legal burden as you and your family embark on the long road to recovery. Contact Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers today to learn how we can help in your time of need.


It is the job of a personal injury or accident lawyer to represent the victim in the civil justice system. This may involve everything from collecting evidence and filing claims to representing the victim in mediation, arbitration, or in court.

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