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If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of the negligence or misconduct of a medical professional, contact an experienced medical accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

Types of Medical Accidents

Toronto medical accident lawyers address injuries caused by preventable medical errors. These injuries can have serious, sometimes life-changing impacts on the victims and their families; medical malpractice claims often involve high dollar-value settlements due to the pain and suffering the accidents cause.

Medical malpractice cases also involve subtle technical details that require the trained eyes of experienced professionals. It is not always clear when a preventable medical error has taken place. While malpractice cases are challenging, innocent injury victims deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering they have experienced. If you’ve been injured in a medical setting, contact a medical accident lawyer for advice about how to proceed.

Common forms of medical accidents include:

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis: Some illnesses and injuries must be diagnosed quickly and accurately in order to be effectively treated. A delayed diagnosis can allow an illness to take hold or an injury to become infected. Similarly, an incorrect diagnosis can lead to improper or unnecessary treatment, which has its own serious consequences.

Medication errors: Medication errors may include prescribing or administering an incorrect medication or dosage. This variety of error can lead to serious complications, particularly in cases where allergies or sensitivities are involved, or where the medication is highly potent.

Surgical errors: Unsurprisingly, surgical errors can cause serious, long-lasting injuries that profoundly affect an individual’s ability to enjoy life. Vulnerability is intrinsic to the doctor-patient relationship, and at no time is a patient more vulnerable than during a surgical procedure.

Birthing errors: Obstetrical malpractice (preventable errors or negligence during childbirth) is one of the most common and serious forms of medical malpractice. An accident during childbirth can fundamentally change the lives an infant and its family.

Medical malpractice cases are among the most serious that a Toronto personal injury lawyer will take on. Injuries caused by medical errors can be life-changing, and the process for accessing compensation is extremely challenging. Doctors accused of medical malpractice in Canada have access to tough legal representation; it is the job of a Toronto medical accident lawyer to match that toughness and ensure their clients have access to the resources they need for their recovery.

Medical Malpractice Challenges

Thousands of preventable medical errors occur every year in Canada, but only a small percentage lead to medical malpractice cases. Of those that do, many are decided in favour of the medical practitioner. Others are abandoned during the long litigation process. Proving that medical malpractice has occurred is difficult, which is why medical injury victims must rely on experienced medical accident lawyers with a long history of success.

In order for a medical malpractice claim to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that they were owed a duty of care by the defendant; that the defendant failed to provide an appropriate standard of care; that the plaintiff’s injuries were reasonably foreseeable; that the defendant’s actions in some way caused the injuries; and that damages occurred as a result of the injuries.

To make matters more complicated, Canadian doctors receive aggressive defence from the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), which makes malpractice cases time-consuming and expensive.

Despite the challenges associated with medical malpractice claims, Toronto medical accident lawyers believe that injury victims deserve compensation for the damages they have suffered. If you or a member of your family has been injured in a medical setting, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today to discuss your options.

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